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If you haven't seen our Meet the Team page, check it out first!

If you have, I'm thrilled to give you a little more back story on how S & J Florals came to be.

What's with the name?

S & J is for my paternal and maternal grandmothers


My work-in-progress nonprofit 'Allies Flowers' is a tribute to my mother Allison and will benefit cancer patients and survivors celebrating life events by providing floral arrangements or DIY buckets at no cost.

Sharon Coyne (an artist) and Jeanne Gottfried (the woman who made land ownership possible).


Unfortunately they both passed away before I turned 23, and never got to see how I would build this crazy, amazing life I'd dreamy of.


Without their love, support, and fierce personalities I would never have gotten to where I am now and I'll be eternally grateful. 

The other woman who formed so much of my ethos, who has unfortunately joined our matriarchs in my mother Allison. 

You can read more about how her love fused itself into my flower journey here.

How are you special?

.  I decided to take my bit of land, my love for flowers, and started growing unique, specialty blooms right here in Murray Hill, Jacksonville!


I choose a highly curated color palette each season and follow naturalistic design principles, coupled with thoughtful, sustainably-minded farming.


We are also a company that strongly believes in a living wage, equality, women's rights, healthcare for all, and that BIPOC LIVES MATTER. Also, we're totally queer and believe that love should always win.

If these values do not resonate with you, we wish you well. We'll also be happy to refer you to another industry professional as we do not believe in sacrificing our beliefs for profit.

If you've made it this far, here's more backstory!

How did you learn all of this?!?!

 My life partner has an absurd amount of faith in me; I expressed an interest  in learning to arrange flowers as a way to cut costs ahead of our wedding and had experimented with growing my first flowers to cope with a monumental amount of stress. 




So I studied, found professionals whose work I loved and who shared ideals I believed in. We started to grow on a micro scale in Murray Hill, Jacksonville; we've now expanded  to include an urban lot in Springfield, Jacksonville.

It hasn't been easy, I'm still learning and do plenty of continuing education through both Floret Farm and LSU, as well as Team Flower where I have published several articles on zone-specific and personally relevant topics.

If you need recommendations or advice let me know!

What events do you do?

I love the world of weddings, and really any personal milestone events.

I'm really motivated by the challenges that come with bringing a creative vision to fruition.


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Sharon & Michael Coyne
Me, Mum, and Grandma Jeanne
Sharon, Me
Jeanne and Me
Jeanne and Me

The women behind S & J Florals

Sharon, Allison, Jeanne, and Me!

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