About Us

If you haven't seen our Meet the Team page, check it out first!

If you have, I'm thrilled to give you a little more back story on how S & J Florals came to be.

What's with the name?

S & J is for my paternal and maternal grandmothers Sharon Coyne (the aforementioned artist) and Jeanne Gottfried (the woman who dreamed of me finding my wings). Unfortunately they both passed away before I turned 23, and never got to see how I would build this crazy, amazing life I always wanted. Without their love, support, and fierce personalities I would never have gotten to where I am now and I'll be eternally grateful. 

How are you special?

Everyone brings something very special to the table when it comes to their passions and values. Mine is a passion for locally and sustainability grown flowers. If you've checked out the Blog you've probably noticed my dissatisfaction with current Floral Industry practices. So I decided to take my bit of land, my love for flowers, and my dream and start growing unique, specialty blooms right here in Jacksonville! If you don't like something you've got to take the first step to change right?

How did you learn all of this?!?!

The short version? My life partner has an absurd amount of faith in me.I expressed an interest  in learning to arrange flowers as a way to cut costs ahead of our wedding. I still remember my first creation; delphiniums, tulips, snapdragons and stock. I was hooked. So I studied, found professionals whose work I loved and shared ideals I believed in.Arranging wasn't enough anymore, so we started to grow. It hasn't been easy, I'm still learning through trial and error, and even once I'm comfortable it'll still be experimentation. But that's life, and learning about organic things. This love of flowers is getting me through one of the hardest periods of my life and I'll spend many years working to share that love and hopefully improve local practices.

If you need recommendations or advice let me know!

What events do you do?

My dream event? Forest meadow installations (Foam free of course!) and lush colors, a bride who's just a little wild and bohemian, and a couple that knows that  your Wedding Day is just day One of your marriage.

But I do personalized bouquets, event flowers, and really anything wedding related with equal joy! I love bold colors as much as I do dreamy pastel hues, and crazy inspirations just as much as I love a classic, clean themes. Jack of all traders remember?

Sharon & Michael Coyne
Me, Mum, and Grandma Jeanne
Sharon, Me
Jeanne and Me
Jeanne and Me

The women behind S & J Florals

Sharon, Allison, and Jeanne.