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Cut Flower Garden Design &  Installation

Hey all! So I'm on limited running around/chaos goblin behavior due to a sudden Cardiac issue.






While I'm feeling OK besides that it's limiting my hours at the event shop; so I'm opening up slots for Cut Flower Garden Design starting at $150.00 for design and sourcing!








This covers anywhere from 6-7.5 hours of consultations, site visits (or zoom calls), planning, and plant and seed sourcing!









Designs are fully customizable, and can also be used for flower and garden bed designs.

















You get:
1) A full color, to-scale sketch of your area
2) Spring-Autumn planting plans
3) An Excel breakdown of Plants, including recommended Quantities and the best Price per Plant (I deal shop both in town and online options)

Additional options include:
● Soil testing
● A hands-on guide to no-till, and weed resistant bed creation
● Irrigation plans and installation
● Pre-chilling and Pre-sprouting for bulbs and corms
● (Post Cardiac Solution) Labor

Front garden.tif
JKV Back Left.jpg
Plant List JKV Right.jpg
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