The Hands Behind The Hand Tied


Molly Coyne

Designer and Proprietor

Hello! I'm Molly and welcome to S & J Florals!

When it comes to my business I'm essentially a jack-of-all-trades; I process, design, and deliver all pieces. Going into the 2020 growing season my partner and I also aim to source as many of our flowers and foliage locally as possible. We believe that locally sourced, and supporting other local growers, is the best thing we can do as a small  business ourselves.


As a Designer I am self taught but draw from my childhood in my grandmother's art studio. I take inspiration from sustainability driven designers like Ariella Chezar, Passionflower Sue, and Erin Benzakein. I'm drawn to striking tonal changes, modern thoughtful designs and I love to create with the natural beauty I see in the world around us.

Trevor Fedyna

Lead Grower, Design Assistant, and Logistics Manager

While I may be the jack-of-all at S & J, none of it would really be possible without Trevor. Whether it's helping to process or harvest stems, researching soil amendments, or helping me find a solution to a design snag this man does it ALL.

He's a wiz at technological solutions and planning, whether it's solar tracks or finding micro-climates for growing he has a system for that. He is one of three Passive Haus certified members in Florida which is pushing our green/sustainability goals. 


Support Staff