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The Hands Behind The Hand Tied


Molly Coyne Fedyna

Designer and Proprietor

Hello! I'm Molly and welcome to S & J Florals!

When it comes to my business I'm essentially a jack-of-all-trades; I process, design, and deliver all pieces.  We believe that locally sourced, and supporting other local growers, is the best thing we can do as a small  business ourselves.


As a Designer I am self taught but draw from my childhood in my grandmother's art studio. I take inspiration from sustainability driven designers like Ariella Chezar, Passionflower Sue, and Erin Benzakein. I'm drawn to striking tonal changes, modern thoughtful designs and I love to create with the natural beauty I see in the world around us.

I grow out of two spaces, and am studying Landscape Design as well!

My favourite color is Chartreuse, which was called "Goose Turd Green" from 1540-1780.

Trevor Fedyna

Logistics Manager,

Molly Wrangler,

Doer of Passive Haus and Parametric Building Science.

While I may be the jack-of-all at S & J, none of it would really be possible without Trevor. Whether it's helping to process or harvest stems, researching soil amendments, or helping me find a solution to a design snag this man does it ALL.

He's a wiz at technological solutions and planning, whether it's solar tracks or finding micro-climates for growing he has a system for that. He is one of three Passive Haus certified members in Florida which is pushing our green/sustainability goals. 

Favourite pet is a cat named 'Cow', who is chaotic so we bought him a baby doppelganger named 'Tommy'.

Loves Peaky Blinders

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