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July 2022

It's hard to believe it could get any hotter or more humid.. Plants are parched and need extra tending to; only the wilder strains are in bloom.

But I'm weirdly in love with the tenacity of those plants, the almost feral defiance of them to keep growing in spite of the obstacles of the weather. So our summer bouquets are designed with that in mind. The plot has changed focus in recent months and our main goal is pollinator support and weed suppression (Integrated Pest Management) as well as a bumper crop of dried Flowers and Foliage.

I'll be offering a variety of courses this Fall and Winter about subjects both botanical and agricultural. These courses and lectures will be in a variety of formats for flower lovers near and far.

The first is a hands-on class about seed starting and planting out. All necessary supplies will be provided and seeds will be from our farm! This ensures that these plants are already genetically acclimated to our unique growing zone. The second is a virtual lecture on the rise of Tulips both anthropologically and as the bloom we know and love today. This talk will also cover the more technical aspects of growing them in a sub-tropical climate.

Reach out via Email to reserve your spot!

If you've not visited our site recently we've made some exciting additions.

We will be offering Bouquet Subscriptions for Spring 2023!These subscriptions range from our locally grown specialty Tulips, antique fragrant Narcissus, and other Dutch bulb based blooms, as well as our typical Annual stems both with and without pre-designed options.

Gift Bouquets and Single Variety Bunches will still be available and can be found on their own Services page on our site.

The other announcement of note is that we're expanding!

We were offered the opportunity to take over stewardship of a lot in Springfield that is held by a local nonprofit. This space will be run in addition to our plot in Murray Hill which will allow us to increase our crop yield and support both local demand for blooms as well as our dream to launch a charitable works we call "Allie's Flowers"

Mixed Bouquets at 2022 pricing will continue for as long as the plot hobbles along; at current we're getting two Medium Farmers Choice Bouquets per week.

I appreciate you all and your support on this journey! If you're able to do this, I need some help... Could you tell your friends about me? It's as easy as sharing our profile, forwarding this blog, sending them the site link, or as grand as sending them a gift bouquet! Word of mouth is truly our most valuable marketing tool in this day and age and I want to spread the love of local flowers as far and wide as I can! But that takes a village, and really that's how I see you all! My own, crazy awesome, incredibly supportive Village. As always I cherish each and every one of you! None of this magic would be created or grown without your support. All my love, M.F.

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