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August 2022

For years this month started with the most exciting event of my summers; my mothers birthday. Now, it is a day of reflection and remembrance, dedicated to my best friends and the ways life surprises us all.

My mother was diagnosed with a late stage, aggressive colon cancer at the age of 51, just weeks shy of her 52nd birthday. She (and we as her family) had a long, arduous road ahead of us as we navigated the oftentimes soul crushing weight of that diagnosis and all of the pieces and parts that come with life as a cancer patient. After a long fight we lost Allison in January of 2021.

In honor of the chronically late, great, and fabulous

Ms. Walker I'd like to tell you about my (future) nonprofit we've dubbed

'Allies Flowers'

The goal of it is as simple as flowers are powerful;

to help both cancer patients and survivors celebrate the milestones of life.

From weddings, to birthdays, and all sorts of celebrations, S & J Florals is dedicated to helping making these moments beautiful through flowers!

Locally Grown Cut Flowers and all Design Services will be provided free of charge to eligible individuals.

You can nominate people here or on our site!

To help turn this dream into a reality we'll be utilizing small-scale high-intensity farming practices at our Springfield farm. If you have followed us long enough you may remember that we were attendees of the 2022 Floret Workshop. This idea of starting a nonprofit was actually the basis for the essay that secured our scholarship which allowed us to further invest in the farm going into the 2022 growing season.

To facilitate this dream, and to nurture others, we are thrilled to continue to offer goods and services whose funds allow us to continue to build on these dreams in our local community.

Spring 2023 Subscriptions


Cut Flower Garden Design and Planting!

As always, none of this would be possible without your support! We rely on referrals and word of mouth to reach other community members, so it would help us immensely if you would share our site or this email to people you think would enjoy a monthly dose of local flowers!

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