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February Flowers

Welcome back!

I've always loved February; something about the potential of it gets me. If you look around your neighborhood, along the roads on your commute, and even in your own backyard you can see the potential energy as we slowly slide into Spring!

To celebrate that, and surviving another Showcase, I played around with some stems I picked up and I can't wait to show you guys!

I've got a funky, retro bride booked for early February and part of my inspiration was getting comfortable with a slightly more rounded style arrangement..

So instead of using my typical lopsided foliage triangle as a base the goal here was to keep things symmetrical and balanced. Moving into the flowers I aimed to keep the same triangle idea going to structure the bouquet and make it super stable.

I love how this turned out! Check out my Instagram for behind the scenes photos and ingredient photos!

- M

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