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Inspiration, Dedication, and finding your 'Why?' Part 2.

Hey all!

So I wanted to do a follow-up to my latest blog post and give you some updates.

  1. Mom News:

  2. My mom, Rockstar that she is, has spent the last two weeks in the hospital. Honestly, terrifying is the most accurate description of the events that led up to her hospitalization. She spent a handful of days in the ICU, then a step down/critical care unit, and about a week in the 4300 wing. All the nurses, techs, physical and occupational therapists, and hospitality staff made these weeks bearable and we will be eternally grateful.

As of 7 pm yesterday she has entered a short term rehab to continue to build her strength so she'll be safe once she's home! She's been kicking through PT goals like the Hulk so we're all positive she'll be back and better than ever in no time at all.

Floret News:

Unfortunately I did not get a scholarship, but given how things have been I don't think I could have taken on another metaphorical plate to spin.

My hardy/half hardy annuals haven't been started yet, anemone and ranunculus corms haven't been soaked, the yard isn't done solarizing, and we just got tulips in and chilling. So, now that things have lulled a little I'll be jumping back into getting my Autumn on track.

I'll be using the Growers Library from Johnny's Selected Seeds to get a handle on my crop timing and planting dates since we've moved our Wedding to September 20201!

In addition to the above updates I'm thrilled to announce that I will opening orders for

Holiday Arrangements

2020 Holiday Arrangements!

for this holiday season as well as pivoting our wedding services to predominately

DIY and Simple Service couples!

Simple Service: Personal Flowers!

I will continue to update changes as they happen and I also want to thank everyone who has reached out over the last couple of weeks to extend your love and support to our family during this time.


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