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January 2020- Roaring into the New Year!

I can’t believe how quickly the first month of 2020 has gone by. The seedlings are all sprouting, the roses are flowering, and the sweet peas are taking off! But I’ve been a little remiss both in my blogging and in my Gallery updates. Simply put, my schedule has been jammed packed lately. When I’m not working with flowers or in the garden I teach at a Ballroom Studio in Orange Park as well as in a Middle School bringing The Arts to young ladies.

My studio had a Showcase (Think DWTS but for our students) January 25th and things were at a fever pitch in the weeks leading up to it. To celebrate a successful event I went out the next day and bought some flowers to play with and will be showing the results of my experiments soon! Since things are slowing down a little event wise (until cotillion season that is) I’ll be around and posting more. If you’ve got questions about me, what I’m up to, how the blooms are going, or anything else stay tuned and drop me a line!

Happy New Year & Happy Seed Starting Everyone!


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