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June 2022

June always makes me think

of the humid, sunny days of my youth. I grew up in the part of the Florida that didn't believe in AC, so you kept all of the windows open hoping to catch a breeze. It was so peaceful laying in a sunny chaize.. until a storm rolled in around 3 o'clock. Then it was chaos making sure that everything got shut before the whole house got damp. Now I see June as a moment to think. A chance to reflect on Spring and dream of Autumn. For a flower farmer in the southeast Summer is the off season, filled with bulb orders and lots of catch-up record keeping.

This June seems full of possibilities for me, catching the end of my post-conference high and igniting dreams of a rooted future.

If you didn't see it via social media, I had the privilege of attending the last (for now) Team Flower Conference up in Albany, New York the second week of May.

I arrived and was immediately gobsmacked by the natural beauty of Upstate; though we're entering high summer here it's only Mid Spring there and the city was festooned with budded and blooming branches as well as a stunning display of Tulips and other Dutch bulbs.

Honesty the trip would have been worth it just to get to see Washington Park at dusk.There are times when I forget that I grew tulips at the start of the 2022 season. So it absolutely blew my mind to be surrounded by the beauty of these public gardens..

I even saw my first Lilac in person!!

The conference itself was so incredibly inspiring and introspective. It reinforced, not only my belief in the power of small flowers, but also my belief in myself. I am still processing so much of it. I made some amazing friends and connections as well as memories I will cherish going forward. Getting to see speakers like Breigh from Black + Blossomed (who's studying to be a psychologist), Amy from The Floral Coach who helped attendees address their inner imposter and getting to TA for the prolifically talented Kelly from Team Flower, Philosophy Flowers and now Cheerful Flowers and Gifts, were some highlights from an incredibly memorable event.

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