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My love affair with Icelandic Poppies

This Fall I went on my first international trip; it was magical, dreamy, an adventure, and surprisingly it introduced me to my favorite flower!

We'd been planning this trip for almost a year after Trevor fell in love with the scenery of Iceland while on a work trip.

View from Downtown Reykjavik

I, being a planner, had spent (no joke) months planning the best routes/sites/adventure spots. So on day 3 we set off to a magical place called the Westfjords and it was sort of an insane road trip.

(Protip: Try the Gas Station hot dogs. You'll get it when you do!)

After escaping the 15 roundabouts (NO, really. 15 of them) we cruised through an underground tunnel, along the coast, through farmlands (Sheep and Icelandic Horses galore). We drove up through mountains, passed waterfalls, and even in a pass had a snowball fight!

We finally arrived to our destination, The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery (weird but also super interesting) and then went for a stroll towards the bay and suddenly I saw...

And I was in love. These babies traveled with me back to Reykjavik and kept the car perfumed for days.

Now, back home in the States I've been working on perfecting the germination and propagation of these beauties to share them with you all!

We'll have small bunches up for sale soon and until then I'll be mooning over this one for a bit..


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