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Putting the 2020 Season to bed..

Hey everyone!

If you're following me on Insta (Facebook is coming soon!) then you've probably seen my franken-yard. We're getting a jump on 2021 by prepping for our Hardy Annuals going in ASAP (October-December because #Florida). We've made the jump to no-till growing for two reasons: 1) it's not good for your soil, all the critters living in it, and erosion control and 2) because we have some STUBBORN grasses here (Looking at You goose/crab grass). We tarped and tilled last year and it was a DISASTER. Add in Covid-19/Quarantine blues and I was not up to fighting it. So we're making the jump to Solarizing our plot, planting a ground-cover that is significantly less maintenance (plus it flowers for pollinators) and creating major raised beds (or major given the usable space we have).

Then we're planting wildflowers to compensate for the Crepe Myrtles we'll be moving, fixing the easement (aka packed full of vining flowers), and babying (and adding to) the rose patch.

We're even trying to fit in some tulips and vegetables in! I've been binging Gardeners World since March and I can see myself spending my little bit of free time enjoying the views we're creating from the porch.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming in October! I can't wait to share it with you all.



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