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Hey Everyone!

After going into isolation mid-March Trev and I ended up back in a two week quarantine due to a coworker (but mostly as a precaution).

So how was day 920 of enforced home time? I definitely forgot what day it was for a better part of a week *facepalm*.

BUT I used my time wisely, did a TON of Team Flower classes/refreshers, started a Pinterest Board for handy floristry articles, and made some test pieces...

A totally foraged Garland! (5.5ft, Oak, dried Shepherds Purse, and Wild Grape Vine)

A totally wired mini bouquet/ aisle piece from Blooms We Grew..

and a Flower Crown from Jewels of Opar (fav texture EVER)!

Then I upped my tech game and worked on ways to customize Proposals for you all!

I'm digging asymmetrical Arches and Arbors right now and round this FAB recipe on a foamless installation structure article on TF.

I'm officially re-entering society and I cannot wait!! Be safe, mask up, and WASH YO HANDS ya'll!



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