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Roses in times of Chaos

What flower is more iconic than a Garden Rose? Every season has its contenders but for me a good Garden Rose is always a fantastic choice. As a native Floridian I’ve seen my share of antique varieties scrambling over cemeteries and scaling antebellum ruins; we’re even blessed with an almost year-round growing and blooming season. As I grew up my grandfather loved a classic rose and my Grandma Sharon made a point of having them scattered around the yards so I’ve had a life long love of them it seems.

I stumbled onto Grace Rose Farm during my initial research dive into American Grown Flowers as Grace Rose Farms ticked the majority of the search boxes. Gracie started growing roses for herself, in her yard, in honor of her Grandmother Grace. Images hit social media and the rest, as it goes, was history. The world runs on imagery these days, Instagram and Facebook have such an impact on how we learn about things/places and how we interact with them. One scroll through their Instagram and I was in LOVE.

As someone who started gardening to cope with my mothers cancer diagnosis I fell in love with the story of “I started this for me, with love. I’ll share it with others the same way.” You can’t see a post from Grace Rose Farm without that ringing through which is almost as impressive as the roses are stunning. *Since writing this they have another thing to love; Congrats on your little girl!!!

Going into 2020 S & J Florals decided to stop being afraid of roses in the garden. After combing through publications, farm blogs, and historical records we’re compiling a selection of Grandiflora, Floribunda, and Historic/Old Garden Roses to eventually be added to our offerings.

Rose Petal Nursery is a fantastic Historical and Found Rose resource, if you're ever out by Gainesville, try and schedule a visit! Arthur is lovely and the most knowledgeable Rosarian I've ever met! Cyd is incredibly helpful with arranging times and coordinating stock but is busy as a bee, make sure you wave when you see her!

Since I originally wrote this piece (early March) I know that everyone's worlds have changed rather drastically. After a fair amount of dread, and soul searching, I've realized that Team Flowers message of 'Loving the world through Flowers" is as important now as it ever was. That's what I'll continue to strive to do.

Dark Desire

Polar Express

Blush Noisette

Boule de Neige

Pink Prosperity

Mister Lincoln

Winchester Cathedral

Ingrid Bergman

Munstead Wood

I hope you love them as much as I do! It's a slow process growing roses for cutting but I cannot wait to share them with you all. A huge 'Thank You!' to all linked businesses for all of the inspiration you provide! (This is not an ad or a partnership, just giving credit where it is due.

Stay safe, stay kind, and DON'T FORGET TO WATER YOUR PLANTS!!

- M (and Mooncalf)

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