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September 2022

We're officially in the dog days of Summer. Temperatures peak in the mid-90s, the 'Real Feel' consistently clears 101°, but slowly our evenings are trending to the mid 70s. The Garden Roses, both new and heirloom, are loving this weather; the drought-resistant summer crops are doggedly plodding along to my constant wonder.

ANtique, HEirloom, Mauve Rose
Coffee Country Rose

Summer Filler Flowers

Everlasting Green Rose

Queen Blush Zinnia

We will be pulling back the tarps at our Springfield farm this week and we are thrilled to be offering cut flower bouquets going into the Autumn!

Vibrant Meadow Installation

Be on the lookout for a start date and be prepared for punchy color combinations as we celebrate a new season with some of our favourite crops!

As we head into the Holiday Season we all start to wonder what to gift to our nearest and dearest, in these post-pandemic times many people have reinvented themselves or returned to old beloved hobbies. So for the nature and garden lover in your life consider gifting a Spring 2022 Bouquet Subscription! We have options to suit all price ranges from Single Variety Bunches (All Anemones, Sweetpeas, etc) up to a full Eight Week Deluxe Bulb Subscription!

After Dutch Bulb Season our lovely Hardy Annuals come into flower and can be purchased as SVB'S or Mixed Bouquets!

Gift a Subscription

You can always catch the latest on our instagram @sj_florals or drop us an email with questions! We love to hear from you all and are so honored to continue to bring #LocallyGrownFlowers to the greater Jacksonville area! Much Love, M.F.

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