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Sneak Peek at the 2020 Season!

With the long reaching Florida growing I’ve got some blooms planned that I cannot WAIT to share with you all!

First up…

Poppies! I’ve got three unique varieties including: Amazing Gray, Hungarian Blue, and Pandora!

Sweet Peas! We’ve got a blend of Erewhon, Mr P., Nimbus, Windsor, Spencer Ripple, North Shore, and Porlock! These are all unique color variations ranging from Grey to Burgundy and Purple Jewel tones as well as Flecked variations.

Jewels of Opar ! One of my future favorite Fillers is Jewels of Opar, with Babies Breath style jewel toned flowers that turn into glimmering seed pods in late Summer and Autumn I can’t wait to get it settled in the growing patch.

Amaranth! This is a super dramatic Filler plant! We’ve got Mira, Hopi Red Dye, Green Tails, Love Lives Bleeding and Red Spike in the works already! These cover a full range of green, pink, and burgundy/red shades.

These are some of my absolute favorite varieties heading into the plot for the 2020 Season! If you have questions or want to snag your own seeds I linked all photos to their origin sites; if I missed any of your favorites drop a comment or send me an email to discus!

- M

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