The Booking Process

Not sure what booking a florist entails?

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Click the Contact option to send me an Inquiry;

I offer Estimates* in under an hour. Just tell me a bit about yourself and your events.

*Estimates are nonbinding and require no retainer. 

If you like your Estimate I will send an invoice that covers my Designer Fee, from there we move on to the Proposal.

Once I know more about You and your  vision I will send a Custom Proposal, with imagery, to help us continue to refine your event day dreams! 

After you view your proposal I'll send a Contract to reserve your date. 

(This requires a 15% deposit and a signed Contract.) 

After you've reserved your date we will continue to make any necessary adjustments to your selected items up to 30 days out from your event. Once we are in that final month I am unable to remove any items from your contract nut you are free to add design elements until fourteen days from your event date.

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